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Let me just begin by saying that there are two sides to every story. This is my side, the right one.



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Sing me to sleep,
I’m tired and I
I want to go to bed.

Sing me to sleep
and then leave me alone…
Don’t try to wake me in the morning
cause I will be gone.

Sing to me…

I don’t want to wake up on my own anymore…

i can’t wait till fucking january
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Happy 30th Birthday, Ezra Koenig!

Am I scared of adulthood? Well, it is a natural feeling, a lot of people remain confused by it, probably up until the point where they die. Those questions don’t go away, especially questions about purpose. Are you living the right kind of life? Are you doing what’s best for you? Those are questions people wrestle with forever.

favorite characters: Mickey Milkovich (Shameless)


Ezra Koenig in Bogota, Colombia


Ezra Koenig in Bogota, Colombia


Because voices-echo wanted it!

my reaction to tonight’s shameless


imageimageimageimageimageimageimageand lastly.


yes i needed all the gifs to describe how i was actually reacting just AHHHHH FINALLY!!! SO proud of mickey!!!!